Purchase Orders

Manage all aspects of your purchase orders with the Purchase Order module. Automatically generate new purchase orders from shortages and requisitions or easily create a new one by copying an existing order.

The Purchase Order module enables you to track every step of the process from creating an order to receiving and invoicing.

With the Purchase Order module, users can:

  • Automatically create purchase orders for shortages and special orders
  • Print or email purchase orders to vendors
  • View sales and purchase history from the Purchase Order screen
  • Define vendor-specific prices
  • Automatically post purchase orders to Accounts Payable and General Ledger
  • Copy open/closed purchase orders
  • Convert different units of measure
  • Convert different currencies to base currency
  • Print labels for orders or receipts
  • Create purchase orders from requisitions
  • Look up order by vendor name, date, or keyword
  • Drop ship to warehouse or customer
  • Set custom filters and searches
  • Export selected data to Microsoft Excel
  • Edit freight and duty costs
  • Access purchase and sales history
  • View line by line inventory status
  • Unissue orders as required