“Client Services”

Integrated Business Management and Accounting Solutions

Scalable Software Specifically Designed for Small and Mid-size Companies

WHY  –  All areas of your Business should work together like finely meshed gears.

HOW  – We operate as Business Operational Architects ®

We provide the NEXT STEP for small and medium business.  We link together ALL business management and accounting operations of your company  using a unique business management and accounting software

SPIRE software.  It provides  your organization ONE – SEAMLESS BUSINESS OPERATIONS SOLUTION ®

WHEN  – You use SPIRE, it is  designed specifically  so for the  first time  you can  see what  is really happening  in your company – all in REAL TIME.

Making changes in this area have the greatest positive impact on your business because it will immediately improve operational productivity and increase profitability.

THE CHOICE IS CLEAR   –  The “NEXT STEP” is to integrate your  Sales, Inventory Control / Services, Accounting, Purchasing, Shipping, E-commerce and Business Intelligence areas of your business.


Training and Support

Because every business is different and its employees all will require different levels of training and support, Compu-Solutions will develop a customized training and support program for your company.

We can provide on-site and on-line internet based training and support. You will have your issues resolved quickly by a team of friendly, helpful and knowledgeable professionals from Compu-Solutions.

Initial Training is performed at the customer site. Your staff learns using a demo copy of your customers, suppliers, inventory and other information. This provides the fastest learning with the greatest retention.  All Software Support is from Compu-solutions provided on a per case basis and is billed at the current rate per hour. This way you only pay for support and help if you need it.

Network Advisory

Compu-Solutions provides clients with networking information on how to maximize the abilities of SPIRE Software.

We will work with a Clients existing Network Company or if needed we will provide a trusted Network Company to work with a Client who has none.

We use Dell Computer products and various proven Network hardware.

Including Network Disaster Recover Solutions that offer the lowest cost but includes both Local and Cloud Based Solutions bundled together – one low cost, complete backup solution.



Make it easy for your customers or distributors to buy or order from your company.

Use E-Commerce as…

– On-line Catalog

– On-line Store      (Business to Consumer)  or   (Business to Business)

–  Wholesale/Distribution On-line

–  Order Solution

–  Remote Sales Force Sales On-line Order Solution

E-Commerce  is different from other e-commerce packages. Most other systems require you to enter the items you wish to display on your web-store or catalog into a separate on-line database – a very time-consuming effort to set up and manage. Since E-Commerce is completely integrated with SPIRE, it automatically ties in with your existing products, prices and inventory, and communicates any changes at predetermined times, keeping your web-store or catalog accurate and up-to-date. No need for double entry.

Changes made in SPIRE, like pricing, pictures, availability, are automatically reflected on-line.

E-Commerce for SPIRE is provided through Compu-Solutions from Terracor. If you have your own website we can most likely interface with it, if you do not have a web site, Terracor will provide one that totally integrates with your SPIRE SOLUTION.  No costly on-going separate web site maintenance is required.

Orders received on your web-store from customers or your remote sales force are automatically loaded into your SPIRE order file – ready for you to full fill and ship them.

Leasing Programs

Complete Leasing Programs that are 100 % Tax Deductible. 

Both Software, Hardware, Training and E-Commerce can be packaged into a Business Operational Lease.

Leasing is simpleif you are an overcapitalized business then buy the computer equipment and software you need, however, if you are like most small to midsize business, who need to keep their capital working, then Lease the computer equipment and software your need. Let the Computer Hardware and Software pay for itself as it works for your business and write it off as a business expense if your CPA advises to do so.

Credit Card Processing
Special Credit Card Processing Rates are available to Compu-Solutions Clients. We have a business alliance with one of the largest processors in the country. Most all of our Clients save money by switching. If we can’t save you money, then you can keep your current processor, but we see what we can do. Some Clients have saved most of the cost of their software.

General System Consulting 

If requested by the client, Compu-Solutions will provide general system consulting

on existing computer systems, other relevant software applications or business operational issues.

General system consulting will be at a rate of $ 175.00/hr. plus any special expenses if any.



Are you ready for the “NEXT STEP”?