Referral Rewards

How many companies do you know who use several computers in their operation?

 Each business could become a referral reward for you.

This program is designed to recognize and reward business people who refer new business clients to Compu-Solutions.

Here’s How It Works:  Refer a business that becomes a Compu-Solution’s Client and you will earn a referral reward.

It’s just that easy!

Since our goal for each client, is to immediately help improve their operational productivity and increase profitability, we will provide a complimentary Business Review discussing their operational needs and challenges to determine if we can help their company.

All we will need from you is the the number of people using computers, at the same time, in the business operation and the name of the current business operation or accounting software they are using (i.e. QuickBooks).

The business must be one of these types of businesses:

Retail, Service, Wholesale, Distribution or Manufacturing company.

**  The computers must be PC’s not Mac’s. **

Referral Rewards Scale:

$    50.00    for    Single Computer User

$ 100.00    for    Three Computer Users

$ 200.00    for    Four to Five Computer Users

$ 300.00    for    Six to Ten Computer Users

$ 500.00    for    Eleven or more Computer Users

For example: XYZ Corp. has six people in their company who use computers at the same time. If you refer XYZ Corp. to Compu-Solutions and they become a new business client,  you would earn a referral reward of $ 300.00.

How do I refer a business to Compu-Solutions ?

Send Referral Reward Email Below…

Send us an email and tell us who you are and about the business you are referring.

I have a business who might benefit from Compu-Solutions services.

Please have a consultant contact them for complimentary Business Review.

Please provide the following information below and an email will be sent to Compu-Solutions.

Please Enter Your Name, Phone and Email - Plus the following information for the Referral:

* indicates required field

NOTE:   All of the above information must be included or the referral may not qualify for a reward.

                 Once the referred business is contacted, Compu-Solutions will respond to the person who

                 sent the referral with the results. After you send this referral you will get a confirmation email

                 which registers your referral with Compu-Solutions.