Production Manager ** Optional Module**

Manufacturing Operations, take a serious look at SPIREProduction Manager.

The Production Manager lets you control inventory with pinpoint accuracy, reduce unplanned expenses  and improve cash flow. Efficiently plan production from beginning to end and track progress with real-time information on raw materials, costs and production status. 

Production Manager – Add-On can help your company.

Spire recognizes the significance of these challenges and has designed a solution to meet the unique needs of Manufacturing Operations.

Manufacturing Operations using Production Manager will benefit from:

Improve Inventory Control

  • Commit raw materials before production begins
  • Automatically generate requisitions from inventory shortages and create purchase orders
  • Reorder reports based on committed items and date requirements

Improve Production Process

  • Create purchase orders from service orders
  • Link production order to sales orders
  • Customize production builds on the fly
  • Create subassemblies for a single product
  • Track work in progress (WIP)
  • Manage production phases with one click
  • Automatically create production orders from sales orders
  • Automatically create production orders from shortages
  • Print production schedule
  • Print production orders

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