“About Our Company”

Our mission is to provide small and mid-size businesses with Business Automation Solutions that immediately help improve their operational productivity and increase profitability.

We work mostly with companies in the Western Region, but can provide solutions anywhere in the U.S. We offer a completely integrated business management and accounting solution … from the installation of the software, to the training of their staff, to the on-going support … to ensure their complete satisfaction. We offer the highest possible level of product technology and customer support.

James Young – CEO
Certified Master Consultant & Business Operational Architect ®

James brings 35 years of Software Consulting to his Clients.  He is a Certified Master Consultant and  was the Head of Business Banking at Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco Bay Area.

He has a unique approach to help Clients,

Operating as a Business Operational Architect ®,  specializing in transforming business workflow issues for small and mid-size businesses.

He links together the business management and accounting operations of a company using a unique business management and accounting software – SPIRE.  It is designed specifically so for the first time you can see what is really happening in your company

– all in REAL TIME.

Making changes in this area has the greatest positive impact on a business because it will immediately improve operational productivity and increase profitability.

In addition, he shows Clients how to use SPIRE to mine Business Intelligence from the companies data. Something that most software can not do.

He teaches Clients not about an accounting software but how to use a business management software tool that does accounting and buy getting and using information they can significantly improve their business operation and increase profits.

To Learn How SPIRE can make a significant difference in your Business

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